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Our client said it best, ‘Her delivery is powerful, emotional, beautiful. Very impressive.’ We will definitely work with Debbie again and would highly recommend her.
— Allen Banting
She’s got a great spokeswoman’s voice, and she is always very responsive and prompt when dealing with her.
— Northwell Health
Debbie Irwin is a terrific collaborator. She asks the right questions to understand the project, offers a variety of takes with a broad range of options, and then delivers top quality work on time and on budget. This is now our third project together and I look forward to many more.
— Endless Echo
Debbie Irwin is the consummate professional that takes complete ownership of every project Atlantic has commissioned her for. An absolute delight to work with and the quality of her final product is without hesitation.
— Gordon McPherson, Executive Producer/President, Atlantic Video Productions & Internet Services
Debbie infects her work with enthusiasm and charm. Who wouldn’t want repeat performances from such a talent? Debbie’s unparalleled attention to detail and her “quick-study” tendencies make her my first choice for Fortune 500 advertising projects.
— Jeffrey Tayler
It’s always a pleasure to work with Debbie. Her expertise guarantees quality, craft, and vocal precision.
— Dave, Cognition Studio
Debbie did a fantastic job on this project! The author was extremely happy with her work and she nailed the tone and style of read perfectly.
— Professional Services
Debbie is a top notch, first rate voice talent. I would hire her again without hesitation.
— Super Alright
When you spend 30 hours working with someone, it’s safe to say you’re going to get to know them! How they work, how they respond to direction, how easy they are to get along with, how talented they are. Debbie threw herself into this project completely; she was keen to learn about the technological processes involved in making a text-to-speech voice, and it was clear that she cared as much about her relationship with myself and the team as she cared about the recording work itself.

In spite of the fact that this job had a narrow focus in terms of vocal style, Debbie brought a lot to the table. Her voice is uniquely rich, smooth, and resonant, and she delivers lines with skillful control.

Our entire script is read from sight. Voiceover artists often expect this to be a breeze, and it can be an unpleasant surprise for both parties when it turns out that this isn’t the case. However, Debbie’s cold reading skills were excellent, as well as her ability to pronounce often difficult foreign names.

In short, I have nothing but good things to say about working with Debbie. She is both a true talent and a wonderful person.

— Francesca Shaw, CereProc 2015
The Buddy Group had the pleasure of working with Debbie two years ago. The finished (and award winning!) video was terrific. Recently, our client changed the name of their venue and requested that we update the VO. Debbie managed to match her timing and performance to the original perfect; we didn’t have to re-time or re-edit a single frame. As VO talent goes, Debbie Irwin is a true professional and one of the best out there. I would recommend her for any project you might be planning.
— Mike Kirsch, Director of Video Production, The Buddy Group
Debbie Irwin did a wonderful job providing the voice for my book trailer. She is extremely professional, friendly and talented. I received four different auditions from her— each one offered a distinct style and voice, allowing me to choose from a wide range of options for my project. Debbie was open to any and all requests and took direction well. She was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!
— Kelly DiPucchio, children's author
I’ve worked with Debbie Irwin on a number of different e-Learning modules. She provided exactly the tone we were looking for — professional and approachable. She made very efficient use of our recording time and we required very few ‘do overs’ once we began. It seems like she just ‘got’ the ideas in the script much more quickly than other talent I’ve worked with, and knew how to impart that in her voice. I’m looking forward to our next project together.
— Susan Brier
Great work, fast response times. Would definitely recommend!
— Joshua Walker
Debbie is professional, talented and gets the job done!
— Clark Illustration
I worked with Debbie on a freelance gig providing character voices for an Audio Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Debbie’s reading was so good, I stayed after my session was done just to listen. I’ve been in the business for decades and it is rare to hear someone who can deliver exactly what a part calls for so quickly and so well. (The producers were equally impressed.)
— Walter Dixon, Instant Audio Production and Voice-Overs
Excellent voice, professional performance, AND nice to work with!
— Christian Holy City Church
A true professional, and a joy to work with. When I need a female VO, she will definitely be top of mind.
— Craig Toron
Great voice, great diction.
— Mediabox Productions Ltd.
Debbie was great! On time, on budget, and a pleasure to work with. We will be using her again!
— Tim Lloyd
I have known Debbie for more than six years. I was immediately impressed with her voice-over talent and feel lucky to have been part of her career in her early stages. What sets her apart from most folks in the voice production industry is her ability to combine professionalism, humor, loyalty and intelligence all into one package. She is a delight to work with and I look forward to working with Debbie in the future.
— Frank Piazza, Producer, AP Voices
Debbie did a great job! Was very easy to work with, followed instructions, responded in a timely manner, and went out of her way to make sure I was pleased with her work. I used her voice-over/translator to some native Italian speakers within a short documentary. She read the translations in English with an Italian accent. Would recommend her.
— Laura Schram
Debbie is great to work with as a voice over because she reads a script and “gets it”. She can give you variations that really are different and pick up or add time perfectly. She is always on time/ early for sessions and is always wanting to give you exactly what you need, and she really means it.
— Amy Sacks
Debbie was fantastic— her work is great and she is great to work with too. She was very fast and prolific too. Many thanks!
— Sarah Cline

Did an excellent job for us. Completed the job on time and to a very high standard. Will definitely use again. Thanks Debbie.
— Stephen O'Shaughnessy
I am so happy with Debbie. She is professional and helped me with the scripts. She can deliver her voice within one shot with a great sound quality. Thank you.
— Preecha Thitichiratthitikan
I love your recording. Thanks again.
— David Repp
Very professional approach and easy to work with.
— Pierce Communications
Debbie worked very hard to get everything perfect.
— Stanley Pomianowski

“Outstanding voice talent who is a joy to work with!” Christine Young | Director, Biomedical Visualization Program University of Illinois

“Debbie is wonderful to work with! She cares for her clients’ needs and the quality of work she provides is excellent!” Nick Woolridge | Director, Biomedical Communications Program University of Toronto

"Debbie is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she extremely professional, but she's very accommodating and flexible. She has an amazing voice and always gives her all during our voice over sessions. I highly recommend you hire Debbie!"Jody Bortner | 3FX, Inc.

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