StoryCorps: Travels of the Spoken Word...

As someone who knows the power of the recorded voice, I couldn't help but pass this along!  Rather than scripts and voice over actors, StoryCorps, a nonprofit in partnership with NPR, has a new way for individuals to share oral histories, bringing personal stories to a global audience.  Accessible from a home computer or by appointment in their own hub spaces, this is a unique opportunity and format in which we continue the tradition of storytelling.

The StoryCorps Mobile Tour spent some time in downtown NYC, and although it has since moved on, it's exciting to follow its path all over the country.

I hope you’ll consider scheduling an interview (there are permanent sites in Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco), or recording your own. As someone who works with the recorded voice, it’s truly interesting to hear how people respond to this experience. 

(Please Note: The first 25 seconds of the audio post includes several excerpts of actual recordings pulled from the StoryCorp site.)