#VOnow — How do I get started as a Voiceover Artist?

Debbie Irwin Voiceover Blog — #VOnow — How do I get started as a Voiceover Artist?

On a daily basis I get calls and emails from a lot of you asking me how to break into the voiceover business. It seems that everybody wants in these days — a sure sign of a bubble?

Being that Independence Day just passed, I’ve decided to help you take the first steps towards a career that will require, well, a lot of independence. Therefore, I gathered up a smattering of top-notch resources to share — with a 17 part series titled #VOnow via a weekly post here on my Just Sayin’ blog — with anyone curious enough (or brave enough!) to explore this world.

The reality is, you have to do the research yourself; you have to want it badly enough and, if you do, you will find your way. People (myself included) will help you, once it’s clear that you’re ready to #BeHeard.

As with every endeavor, success doesn’t come easily and it doesn’t come overnight. It takes commitment, drive and talent; in fact, you’ll need more of the first two to make it.

That said, what’s the first thing you should do? I’d suggest taking Peter O’Connell’s Voiceover Entrance Exam to see if you’re suited for this business.

If you’re still interested in pursuing this dream, AFTER you’ve taken the test, come back next #TransformationTuesday for the next installment of #VOnow where we're going to discuss voiceover coaching. And remember, there’s always room for true believers! — Just Sayin’! *Lady Liberty voice* :-)