#VOnow — As a Voiceover Artist, where do I record? What do I need?

Debbie Irwin Voiceover Blog — #VOnow — As a Voiceover Artist, where do I record? What do I need?

So how’s your voice? Does it sound different to you now that you’ve really listened to it? What genre have you decided to focus on? Did you reach out to any of the VO coaches? Since you’ve been working on your voice, here’s a list of what you’ll need, and where to get it, so that you can start recording:


  • ProTools
  • Twisted Wave
  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity or
  • Garage Band


  • Computer
  • Studio headphones and/or monitors
  • Mic (with a mic stand, or arm, and pop filter)
  • Audio interface (like the Scarlet 2i2, Sound Devices USB Pre2 or Apogee Duet 2)

Here are some sites I’d recommend purchasing from:

You have all this equipment and a bunch of manuals…(lol). The following are some terrific Sound Engineers (who really know their stuff) who can help you with trouble shooting, and/or putting together your studio:

Now, all this equipment is worthless if it isn’t assembled correctly, or used properly. But, probably the most important thing to consider is where you will be setting up your studio — the environment.

Though there are recording studios where you can book time to record, in order to be competitive in this business you must have your own space. The question is, will this studio be in your home or at your office? Will you need to travel with your equipment? Will you have two studios? Your main studio and a portable one?

There’s a lot to consider before purchasing any equipment, and even more to consider when deciding where to set up. Ted W. wrote an excellent article on the subject of “Soundproofing vs Sound Absorbing…” — which you’ll need to do once you’ve decided on a location.

He asks:

  • Are you looking to block sound or absorb echo?
  • What types of sound(s) are you looking to block/absorb?
  • What are the dimensions of and surfaces in your room?

Until next #TransformationTuesday — when we discuss how much you should practice — happy shopping, and let me know what equipment you purchased. Maybe you’ll find something new that I haven’t heard of or could use for my two studios; yes, I have a studio at my home office, and one that I travel with — more on that in a future #VOnow post. :-)