#VOnow — Recap with a look ahead. Plus a 1st place documentary!


Good afternoon all. I’m happy to report that I've arrived in Scotland safe and sound. A little late due to New York City traffic, but I made it and it’s beautiful.

The beauty of Scotland.jpg

I’ll be posting photos from my trip on my new Instagram page. That being said, today I want to do a little recap of the #VOnow series for those just joining us. I also want to give you all a preview of what’s to come. So far we’ve discussed: Getting started, Coaching, Equipment and Environment as well as Practicing/Rehearsing. Here are the links to those posts:

  1. #VOnow — How do I get started as a Voiceover Artist?
  2. #VOnow — Do I need coaching to be a Voiceover Artist?
  3. #VOnow — As a Voiceover Artist, where do I record? What do I need?
  4. #VOnow — As a Voiceover Artists, how much should I practice?

Next week I’ll share my thoughts and some tips on how to record when you’re on the road. The post will be titled “#VOnow — Pillow Talk — It’s not what you think!” and will cover the following topics:

  • Ready for action (what to carry with you)
  • Channel your inner child (tent making)
  • Barking dogs and old ladies dancing (Controlling your environment— and not)
  • And maybe some things from my current trip to Edinburg, Scotland


#VOnow is a special 17 part series on my Just Sayin’ blog, and will run every Tuesday until October 27th. Here’s a glimpse into the remaining 11 installments following next week’s “Pillow Talk” post:

  • 'If You Build It, They Will Come' Ecclesiology Part 1 (Building your business)
  • 'If You Build It, They Will Come' Ecclesiology Part 2 (Building your business infrastructure) 
  • Big Fish /Little Pond or Little Fish /Big Pond? How to Position yourself so you Matter. (Niche or Jack-of-all-trades?)
  • Forget about the Mirror— It’s how others see you.   (Branding)
  • The Rebranding of Debbie Irwin Voiceovers (Guest Blogger)
  • How did you get here? (Tracking)
  • Whats in it for me? (Demo)
  • Tasters Choice: Can you do the watusi? (Auditions)
  • Know your worth
  • The M word: Money, Rates and all that other yucky stuff no one likes to discuss in public
  • Finale


Before I go, I want to share "Martinu's Muse." This incredible documentary, which I voiced, won first place in the Iphone Film Festival!


Until next #TransformationTuesday — #VOnow