Medical Narrator Series Coming Soon

Measurable Goals

It's important to put your business objectives into measurable goals. One of our goals for 2015 was to collaborate more within the medical industry. Looking back at our year end numbers, in dollars, my team and I discovered that the Medical Narration jobs outweighed the bulk of my other voice over work, and it was a busy year!

Mission Accomplished

Am I surprised? No. However, maybe you are because I haven't talked about my voiceover experiences in the medical industry before.

Sharing is Caring

2015 was a very transparent year for Debbie Irwin Voiceovers. My team and I actively engaged on social media. I connected with so many wonderful people via Facebook, and Twitter. We even explored new platforms; I gave you a look through my lens on Instagram.

Still, I want to share some of my best voiceover experiences thus far with you. Many of these great experiences were with medical professionals and terrific production teams that I'm lucky enough to call clients. For that I am grateful. Thank you!

A Strong Foundation

The #VOnow blog series was more successful than we could have hoped, but it was only one side of the coin. 

Building on Success Together to Deliver Even Better Experiences and Results

This year, we want to help educate current and future clients seeking voiceover talent. We can help them understand what it is to be a voiceover artist and work with a voiceover artist successfully. We will share not just my experience as a medical narrator, but the experiences of some of the people that I work with as well. We can demonstrate some of the best ways for all of us to collaborate, producing amazing results in 2016.


So stay tuned, stay connected, and subscribe for The Medical Narrator Series here on! Just Sayin'.